Kiaana(R) came to India in 2005 from America with policies focusing on India as a superlative market. Becoming the industry game changer especially in the segment of bedding; ‘Home’ as a category went on a brilliant upswing - another feather in our cap as we lead about 1000’s of crores of business that was a byproduct of us introducing ‘COMFORTERS’ as a category in India, something that didn’t exist. Being and staying Original, 15 years in trade Kiaana(R) as a norm is looked up to as the trendsetter of the council.  

Love being in bed …?? ….In our opinion ‘YOUR BED’ is the most personal space there is for you. How to make this space wilder than the wind is what we excel at. And everything you shop from us is dreamy, super soft, cuddly and gorgeous whilst being easy care and proudly showing a sense of value.

Staying ahead shelves - trends, season palettes and newest materials technology churns out are what you’ll see as we stay globally abreast.

Homebee(R) a sister concern to Kiaana(R) is a sub brand localized for hypermarkets and back to school ‘Campus’ oriented collections. Price points and quality drive the positioning of these products as ‘Everyday Basics’.

A vegan brand since inception the coming soon launch of our luxury line takes the house from being affiliated with ‘Smiles’ – a charity that deals with street kids etc to ‘Animal Welfare’ (becoming predominant) as this industry is rampant with the use of feather and down, fur, leather and silk; we want to bring humanity into these equations; spreading miracles of love and our strive for peace.

one day or day one, you decide...